PACT’s Dr Lucock provides education for students in Brazil

media appearances meet our team services Sep 03, 2021

As part of our ongoing goal to provide dissemination of ABA with older adults, we were thrilled to receive an invite from Michelli Freitas to talk to her students about behavioural gerontology. Michelli Freitas and her husband run the IEAC and provide post graduate education in applied behaviour analysis to students studying in Brazil. Often, training in ABA is heavily focused on working with people with autism or disabilities, so we are always really enthused when a course director is keen to expand their students’ learning to other less well served populations. 


Zoe created and recorded a 2+ hour lecture that Michelli’s students will have access to to learn about the value of our science with older adults, the ways in which it is very different to working with other populations, and the unique considerations that come into play with this population. 


In addition to the lecture, Michelli and Zoe chatted for over an hour about how Zoe moved into this field, some of the aspects that are unique to working with older adults, and a variety of topics in between. This was a really nice chance for the students to get to know me a little more before the lecture, and also to see the differences in culture between our countries in how we support older adults and how we train and regulate the work of behaviour analysts

You can listen to the full interview on Michelli’s youtube channel.

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