Interview with Dr Zoe Lucock for Diseminaba

ceus media appearances Jul 06, 2021

Today I (Zoe), was interviewed by Disseminaba founder Alexandra Herman as part of her interview series all about applications of ABA outside of autism. Disseminaba provides affordable online CEU courses with a particular focus on expanding the knowledge of and availability of ABA across new areas and to new parts of the world. 


During the interview, I spoke with Alex about a variety of topics, including how I came to work in the field of behavioural gerontology and why we started PACT, the type of work we do with older adults with dementia, the challenges of disseminating work with older adults both within the ABA field and outside the ABA field, and the recommendations for practitioners who wish to move into working with older adults. 


This was a wonderful interview and I was sad it was over so quickly. Alex is a personal friend of mine and I could talk to her for hours! If you want to see a brief snippet from the course, then check out the video above. To purchase the whole interview ($18) and earn 1.5 CEUs, follow the link here

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