High Quality Behavioural Services for Older Adults

PACT was created to meet the need for high quality behavioural service provision for older adults in the UK. Time and time again we saw older adults with behavioural issues struggle to access any behavioural support through conventional channels, often being prescribed medication as a first stage intervention instead.

We believe every older adult should have the right to evidence-based, effective support to have their needs met, and we are there to deliver behavioural support with warmth, dignity and compassion.

Bespoke Behavioural Assessment and Intervention

We provide bespoke assessments and interventions for older adults to help with challenging behaviour, apathy, regaining independence, communication, and much more, using positive, compassionate and proactive methods.

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Teaching and Training 

We offer skills-based training packages tailored to the needs of your family, care home, clinical team or ward. We also provide training to ABA/PBS professionals to improve knowledge and skills in working with older adults and guest lectures and talks for Universities or professional organisations. 

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On-Demand Training & CEUs

There is a lack of CEU opportunities and online trainings for behaviour analysts interested in behavioural gerontology - and we want to change that! We provide a range of high quality training programmes that can be completed entirely online.

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BCBA Supervision

It is our duty to train the next generation of behavioural gerontologists to a high standard and we know that there isn't many opportunities to develop skills in this niche area. We offer private BCBA supervision and mentoring remotely and in person

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PACT is a BACB authorised continuing education provider!

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