Clinical Team

Dr Zoe Lucock

PhD., UKBA (Cert), BCBA-D, FHEA. 

Dr Zoe Lucock is a UKBA (Cert) and Board Certified Behaviour Analyst with a PhD in behavioural gerontology from Bangor University. Her research and clinical practice focuses on the functional assessment of problem behaviour shown by adults with dementia and finding alternative methods of giving adults with dementia choice over their care, particularly for those who no longer have the ability to communicate through language. She is committed to using evidence-based methods to improve the quality of life of both older adults and their caregivers. 

Dr Lucock has multiple scientific publications in reputable behaviour-analytic journals based on her work with adults with dementia and adults with intellectual disabilities and dementia in care homes. She is a member of the UK Society for Behaviour Analysis (UK-SBA) and is also the chair of The Association for Behavior Analysis International’s Behavioral Gerontology Special interest Group

Dr Lucock is based in Cheshire and available for consultancy and training across the UK as well as remote consultation, training and supervision nationally and internationally. Dr Lucock has received both doses of her vaccination against COVID-19 and two boosters.

Dr Emma Williams 

PhD., UKBA (Cert), BCBA-D, AFHEA. 

Dr Emma Williams is a UKBA (Cert) and Board Certified Behaviour Analyst with over 20 years of experience working with adults who have learning disabilities and older adults with dementia. Emma has carried out work in a variety of settings for clients including local authorities, NHS services, and care homes. She is committed to providing high quality, evidenced based care for people who are in need and their caregivers and is passionate about dissemination of our science. 

Dr Williams gained her PhD in counter terrorism from Bangor University, which focused on using behaviour-analytic approaches and techniques in diverse areas. She has publications about her clinical work in peer reviewed behaviour analytic journals and has presented the findings at multiple conferences. Emma is a member of UK Society for Behaviour Analysis and Chair of the UK SBA Behavioural Gerontology Special Interest Group.

Emma is based in North Wales and is available for consultancy, training, and supervision across the UK and internationally.

Emma has received both doses of her vaccination against COVID-19 and a booster.

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Our consultants have enhanced DBS checks, are fully insured with professional indemnity insurance, follow all relevant regulatory rules and guidance, and strictly adhere to the BACB's Ethics Code for Behavior Analysts and the UKSBA's Code of Professional and Ethical Conduct.  


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