Behaviour Analyst Supervision & Mentoring

We believe that it is our duty as behaviour analysts to inspire and train up the next generation of behavioural gerontologists. As fewer than 0.2% of BCBAs work with older adults, we know that finding a BCBA who has experience with older adults and is available for supervision can sometimes feel like an impossible search.

We offer BCBA and UKBA(cert) supervision for students who have started or completed their MSc ABA and mentorship for behaviour analysts looking to move into behavioural gerontology. We offer in-person as well as remote supervision so our services are available internationally.

Because of the niche nature of behavioural gerontology, we currently require supervisees to secure their own placement. We encourage you to look for relevant roles in care settings (e.g., activities coordinator in a dementia care home) where the manager is happy for you to receive supervision via video call and video recording. We are happy to be involved in these discussions with the care provider and provide templates for supervision contracts with the home.

We require supervisees to commit to a minimum number of supervision sessions per month in order to affect change and deliver high quality ABA in their setting. 

For supervisees in the USA, we are only able to supervise those living in states that do not have additional licensure for behaviour analysis. We also require supervisees outside of the UK to have a second supervisor who can support with country-specific information to aid their development (e.g., relevant legislature, culture, policies etc). 

We are also available for ABA MSc thesis project supervision – please ask your course director to contact us to discuss this in more detail.

All payments are taken through Paypal or bank transfer. 

BCBA/BCaBA/UKBA(Cert) Supervision


For students of ABA wanting to collect supervision hours with older adults

  • In person (Cheshire/North Wales) or remote supervision (inc. international)
  • Two UKBA(cert)/BCBA supervisors
  • Follow our behavioural gerontology curriculum
  • Individualised, compassionate and skill-building supervision 
  • Expertise in dementia in a range of settings (home, care homes, hospitals)
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Behaviour Analyst Mentoring/Consultation


For behaviour analysts wanting to move into behavioural gerontology or support in their practice

  • In person/remote
  • No minimum amount per week/month
  • Case formulation guidance
  • Support and assistance with moving into behavioural gerontology
  • Expand your knowledge of ABA with another population 
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