PACT in Partnership with Social Services

services Nov 22, 2022
PACT working with social services

After many, many months of keeping it quiet, we are finally sharing our exciting news with you! Positive Ageing Consultancy & Training have been commissioned to provide behavioural services to older adults with dementia and their caregivers across North Wales through a collaborative project funded through social services! We have been working closely with the Regional Collaboration Team and as part of the North Wales Dementia Strategy a number of clients in each county in North Wales are now receiving support through PACT to help with behavioural issues they are experiencing. As part of this pilot project, we will be looking at how best to integrate these services into the standard support received through social services with the hope for support from a Behaviour Analyst to become a permanent offer in the future. 



Clients who are taking part in this project receive behavioural support for issues such as aggression, agitation, repetitive question asking, resistance to personal care and many others. The support is individually tailored and we work intensively with their family and/or carers to support them to implement the behaviour support plan effectively. One of the aims of this project is to enable people with dementia to stay living in their own homes and prevent them needing to move into long term care due to their behaviour. We are also working towards reducing the number of people with dementia who are prescribed antipsychotics for their behavioural issues and manage these with behavioural intervention instead.



This is the first time in the UK that these services have been provided for people with dementia by Board Certified Behaviour Analysts. We are overjoyed that people living with dementia will benefit from our input and that this will form part of the support offered through social services. We look forward to working with many more clients and their caregivers over the next few months to provide them with high quality interventions and support. We have been very busy working across North Wales on this project since earlier this year, and we are really excited to be pioneering behavioural gerontology in the UK.


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