Launch of New Course Behavioural Interventions for Adults with Dementia!

ceus Dec 01, 2022

Positive Ageing Consultancy and Training are excited to announce the launch of our new course called Behavioural Interventions for Adults with Dementia, which is available online now! 


In our Behavioural Interventions for Adults with Dementia course, you will learn about working with older adults who have dementia and some common topographies of behavioural excesses that are seen in this population. We will explore the use of behavioural interventions that can be used in the behavioural literature to modify these behaviours.. We will look at carrying out functional assessments with older adults who have dementia, and the considerations that you need to be aware of when using these to assess behaviour. To find out more about the course and for frequently asked questions, please take a look here for more information. 


Upon successful completion of the course, you will earn 2.5 BACB learning CEUs.


We highly recommend that you take our other courses first (Introduction to Behavioural Gerontology and Understanding Dementia) as they will give you the background information that you need to apply your knowledge with this population. You can purchase all 3 courses at a discounted price, saving you 20% compared to buying them separately. Purchasing the bundle gets you 7.5 CEUs for £90 instead of £112- a discount of £22!. You can purchase the bundle here


This has been by far the most requested course topic for us to cover so we hope you really enjoy it. We can’t wait to read your feedback!


Zoe and Emma

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