Dr Williams' PhD Graduation

Jul 31, 2023

Dr Emma Williams has had a lovely time celebrating her graduation this month! Dr Williams completed her PhD in January, and made her way back to Bangor University earlier this month to graduate. The focus of Dr Williams’ PhD involved using the science of behaviour analysis within sensitive areas of counterterrorism, which seems quite a different topic from applying the same scientific principles to supporting people living with dementia and their caregivers! However, people are sometimes surprised to find out that behaviour analytic principles can be applied to any behaviours and most aspects of our lives, which covers a vast range of subjects such as fitness management, life strategies, organisational change, and prevention of reoffending etc. Behaviour analysis is different from some other disciplines because no matter what area it is being applied to, it consists of detailed assessments, objective data driven decisions, and comprehensive assessments. Dr Williams thoroughly enjoyed conducting her PhD but is glad to now focus all her concentration on her passion; helping people with dementia and their caregivers to live the best quality of lives that they can with specialist behavioural support and training.

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