Our Values


We always act in accordance with our principles. We take immediate action to resolve any circumstances that conflict with these principles and act with honesty and compassion.


We believe that every person, no matter their age, role, disability, diagnosis or other factor, deserves to live a life where they are respected and their choices are at the forefront.


We are inclusive of people from all backgrounds and life experiences. We take a stand when we encounter discrimination or prejudice and work to dismantle systems of oppression wherever possible. 


In order for our clients to lead lives that are joyful, fulfilled, and free from restraint and restriction, we empower their care givers to have the skills and knowledge they need to confidently care and support their clients.


We hold a deep seated desire to bring  support to those in need. PACT was founded on, and continues to thrive on, our passion for effective and compassionate behavioural support for older adults. We know this is the best way for people to be supported with some of the challenges they face that can be associated with growing older.


Our work is not only based on 80 years of scientific evidence, but our day to day practice is informed by data so that we can assure effective outcomes for our clients. We continually strive to translate cutting-edge behavioural science into practice and to contribute to that science through our work.