A Behavioural Approach to Improve Quality of Life and Prevent Distressed Behaviour  

For Carers of People Living with Dementia

This course develops carers’ understanding of dementia and equips them with practical skills to prevent distressed behaviour by improving quality of life.


Unlike other courses that teach knowledge only, this course develops carers’ hands-on skills as they implement what they have learned in the taught section with a client to up-skill them in proactively preventing problem behaviours through developing their client’s well-being in a range of areas. 

Do you have dementia care staff that:

  • Are well intentioned but don't act to prevent distressed behaviours?
  • Get told¬†how to provide person-centred care, but¬†never seem to actually do it?
  • Are struggling to manage distress and agitation of the people with dementia they work with?
  • Are leaving regularly due to burnout associated with managing distressed behaviours?¬†

Are the residents with dementia you support:

  • Spending most of their day sat in a lounge not doing anything?
  • Becoming distressed, agitated or aggressive when they are supported during personal care or throughout the day?
  • Regularly prescribed¬†antipsychotic medications when they start displaying behavioural challenges?
  • Deserve high quality person centred care to get their needs met?

Our comprehensive course is designed using techniques from behaviour change science to ensure that staff develop the skills to deliver person centred care competently and confidently. 

Developed based on our work directly with carers of people with dementia across North Wales and our expertise in behaviour analysis, this training is unique in its approach and delivery. 

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Innovative Format

Learners take the online content at their own pace and consolidate their learning with access to regular live sessions with professional behaviour analysts

Unique Assessment 

Learners apply what they learned each week with a real client with dementia with whom they work. They submit a final case study to demonstrate their skills to pass the course 

Impactful Learning 

Practical strategies that enable learners to develop their skills in providing excellent quality of life care which in turn reduces the likelihood of behavioural issues. 

Do you want to see your staff: 

  • Provide care in a way that prevents distressed behaviours and leaves them¬†feeling empowered and skilled?
  • Take initiative to engage residents in a way that means they are interacting with others all day long?
  • Speak to people with dementia in a way that promotes dignity and respect?
  • Provide care in a way that empowers people living with dementia to have choice and control in their lives?
  • Be skilled in¬†fostering¬†independence and maintaining the abilities of their clients with dementia.
  • Advocate for their clients and look for health issues that may be causing distressed behaviours?
  • Use what they have already to provide meaningful engagement that goes beyond arts and hobbies?

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As two of only a small number of professionals with specialist training in behavioural gerontology in the UK, Dr Lucock and Dr Williams are leading the way in revolutionising the way people with dementia are supported using effective psychosocial interventions, leading to reductions in antipsychotic medication use, reduced placement breakdowns and reduced staff turnover and burnout.


They provide high quality bespoke behavioural support to people with dementia and their caregivers and specialise in working with people in the community, in care homes, in nursing homes and in hospital wards. Their research has been published in numerous peer reviewed journals and disseminated nationally and internationally.

Sick of E-learning?

So are we! But we also understand that organising everyone to be free for half day or day live training session is a logistical nightmare! 

In this course we combine the flexibility and self-paced elements of e-learning with the engagement and personalisation you get from live training sessions to make a learning experience like no other!

Who can benefit from this course?

Anyone that works directly with people with dementia who wants to develop practical skills to better improve the lives of those they work with and reduce behavioural issues.

We recommend that this course is most suitable for direct care staff working with people who have dementia in care homes, nursing homes, EMI settings and dementia wards. It is also suitable for team leaders, managers and dementia care practitioners. 

PACT is committed to providing trainings that provide excellent education and learning and fits within the Good Work: Dementia Learning & Development Framework for Wales (skilled and influencer level) and the All Wales Dementia Care Pathway Standards

For more details or to book your places on the course, please contact us. 

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