Bespoke Behavioural Assessment and Intervention

As behaviour analysts, we have expert training in analysing human behaviour to determine why behaviour is occurring, then designing a complete individualised therapy package to best support the person and change behaviour. We can support with a wide range of behavioural issues including but not limited to:

Managing behavioural expressions of unmet needs. We work in conjunction with other professionals to rule out medical or other causes of distressing behaviour, assess the behaviour to determine its function, design a personally tailored intervention, train the caregiver/s to deliver the intervention, and collect data throughout to measure the success of the intervention and make adjustments as needed

We provide support with a wide variety of  behavioural expressions of unmet needs such as verbal aggression, wandering, physical aggression, hoarding, repetitive questions, refusal of personal care, transferring, feeding problems, not using glasses, hearing aids or walking aids, obsessive behaviours, repetitive behaviours, and confusion. If the behaviour you are concerned about is not listed here, please contact us. If we cannot help, we can refer you on to other sources of support

When assessing behaviour in supporting clients, we take into account the context of behaviour and the person’s life history when supporting clients; every behaviour is caused by a unique combination of a variety of factors. These factors can include (but are not limited to) the person’s life experiences, their physical health, their emotional state, their language and skills or lack of, and the way the environment is meeting or not meeting their needs

We know how difficult it can be as a caregiver of someone who is engaging in distressing behaviour. We know that you’re trying your best and by the time you get to us you may be on your last morsels of physical and mental energy. We will never judge you or make you feel bad- we are here to support you and make your quality of life better as well as for your loved one or client. 

Improving quality of life through increasing engagement. We also work with clients who are not necessarily showing any distressing behaviours, but where the client spends the majority of their day unengaged and apathetic. We will assess why there is a lack of engagement and work with care providers and the individual to develop a personalised intervention to bring them back to engaging with things and activities they enjoy and with the people they love. 

Memory and Skill Retention. Clients may want our help because they want to preserve skills and behaviours that they anticipate they may lose or are beginning to lose due to a progressive condition or general cognitive decline. For example, the client may be concerned that they are starting to find it difficult to remember their grandchildren’s names, lose speech and communication abilities, or forget to take their medication. In these cases, we work with the individual to provide self-management and maintenance programmes to maintain behaviour for as long as possible.

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We put our clients at the heart of our interventions- our goal is always to improve quality of life through making sure their needs are met and they are as independent as possible with as much choice and control over their life as is possible. We use positive, compassionate, proactive methods rather than coercive or punishment-based interventions. There is a lot of misconceptions about what behavioural approaches are- usually based on information that is 20+ years outdated! Forget what you think you know- we are here to make an intervention that works for you, in your specific situation, under your circumstances and that feels right for everyone involved.

We offer our bespoke behavioural assessments and interventions as a package, not via an hourly rate. This is for several reasons:

  1. Behaviour is complex and cannot be assessed within a time limit. To truly understand the reason why a behaviour is happening, the behaviour needs to be viewed repeatedly in the context(s) in which it is occurring. This means we look for patterns over time, narrowing down possible causes and trying different methods until we can determine what need the behaviour is meeting for that person. This is by definition time intensive, and which assessments to be conducted will necessarily vary from person to person, so with a truly individualised approach it is impossible for us to estimate how much time each person will need.
  2. Complex analyses take time and we know we cannot deliver our behavioural support to the standard needed in only an hour or a two hour visit. We have an ethical duty to provide evidence-based effective services and we don’t want to walk away without providing you with the best service possible. By setting a package fee, we don’t have to worry that you cannot afford the service we need to deliver for your client and we aren’t pressured to provide a sub-par service or finish before the intervention is
  3. We know from the scientific literature that just providing you with a report on what to do and then leaving is unlikely to lead to long-term behaviour change. We therefore include staff/caregiver training in our package as standard. We will provide evidence-based skills training to make sure that not only do you have the skills to support the older person in the way they need, but that you feel competent and confident to do so.

Who can book a bespoke behavioural assessment and intervention?

We are keen to offer services to anyone in need. We take referrals from private family members, people with dementia, care home managers, nursing home/EMI home managers, clinical psychologists, GPs, social workers, memory clinics professionals, speech and language therapists and other healthcare professionals. Our services are currently privately funded except for a limited number in North Wales that are funded through social services. If you fall into this category, please get in contact with us to discuss further. 


All payments are taken through Paypal or bank transfer. 

Interested in our Bespoke Behavioural Intervention and Assessment Package?

Our package includes every aspect from start to finish of your assessment, intervention, multiple clinical visits, staff training, follow up, and written report.

Each package costs £5200 plus mileage. 

We believe in being open and transparent about our prices and we are always keen to chat with you first to make sure an assessment and intervention is the the right option for you. Enter your details to the right to schedule a free call to discuss with us. 

 We are also working in collaboration with Social Services across North Wales to provide some bespoke interventions at zero cost to the client. If you are living in North Wales you may be eligible- please get in contact with us to discuss further. 

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