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Supporting Adults with Dementia: A Behavioural Approach to Prevent Challenging Behaviour and Improve Quality of Life

For paid carers of people with dementia. 

This PACT level 2 training is a comprehensive and in-depth hybrid course that teaches carers of people with dementia how to proactively prevent distressed behaviours and improve quality of life using a behavioural approach. 

Unlike other courses that teach knowledge only, this course develops carers' hands on skills as they implement what they have learned in the taught section with a client, up-skilling them in proactively preventing problem behaviours through developing their client's well-being in a range of areas. 

We focus on cultivating a person-centred and whole person approach to caring for the people they support using behavioural strategies. Learners are supported through additional interactive live sessions where they can access advice and guidance from professional behaviour analysts. 

The course has been designed to meet the guidelines provided by Good Work: A Dementia Learning and Development Framework for Wales. The course incorporates knowledge and skills across all three chapters of the Framework in ethics, excellence, and engagement.

This course is suitable for direct care staff working with people who have dementia in care homes, nursing homes, EMI homes and dementia wards. It is also suitable for team leaders, managers and dementia care practitioners. 

The course takes a minimum of 9 weeks to complete and is delivered through a hybrid online delivery supplemented with expert live sessions

We offer discounts on bulk purchases for over 15 and 30 staff members. We have a limited number of spaces for each cohort so we encourage you to book sooner to avoid disappointment. 

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Positive Approaches to Managing Distressed Behaviour in Dementia Care

For paid carers and other professionals working with adults with dementia.

This PACT level 3 training is the next level training for those looking to expand their behavioural understanding further and learn how to analyse behavioural problems and create meaningful behaviour change.

In this course, learners delve into more detail about antecedents, consequences and motivation and how these can influence behaviour. They learn not only how to complete ABC behaviour charts, but also how to then interpret those charts to learn the function of a behaviour and subsequently design successful interventions for their clients. 

This course is suitable for any individual looking to learn about behavioural approaches in more depth including allied health professionals, team leaders, managers and dementia care practitioners. 

The course is delivered across two 3-hour live sessions (across one or two days), delivered either remotely or in person. We also have an online version in development currently- please enquire for more details. 

We offer discounts on bulk purchases for over 15 and 30 staff members. 

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Introduction to Behavioural Gerontology

For ABA BSc/MA/MSc students or teams of behaviour analysts working in other applications. 

This live lecture is suitable for students of ABA who have a basic knowledge of applied behaviour analysis and wish to learn more about this wonderful application of our science to supporting older adults. 

Delivered by Dr Zoe Lucock who is a FHEA, this engaging class has already been well received by students at South Wales University in the UK, Institute of Education and Behavior Analysis (IEAC) in Brazil, and Eötvös Loránd University in Hungary. 

This lecture takes approximately 4 hours, but can be adjusted to suit the individual module or course requirements. We also have preprepared multiple choice and essay style questions that can be shared with the module organiser. 

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Applied Behaviour Analysis for Children with Autism

For professionals working with children with autism. 

Dr Zoe Lucock previously worked with children with autism before retraining to work with older adults. 

This training was designed and delivered to educational psychologists who want to learn more about ABA for children with autism (from someone who does not have a vested interest but does have experience!)

 This training covers the development of the field of ABA in the USA and UK, the basics of what ABA is and how it is applied to support children with autism, the genuine criticisms of the field of ABA, and the myths and unfounded misconceptions about the field. 

This is a 3-4 hour training and can be as interactive as the audience wishes. Zoe is open and keen to answer any and all questions about the field and discuss at length with attendees.

Although originally designed for educational psychologists, this training would be suitable for any other professionals that may come into contact with ABA professionals during their work with children with autism (e.g., OTs, SALTs, headteachers etc). 

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We have a number of further courses in development and can offer some bespoke trainings where suitable. If you do not see exactly what you need, please contact us and we will do our best to support you and your staff training needs. 

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Please note: These courses are not designed to be a substitute for high quality professional behavioural support, and we cannot provide clinical support for individual clients during these trainings. If you need support for a behaviour of a specific client or clients, please contact us about a bespoke behavioural assessment and intervention package by clicking here. 

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