Free Resource Launch: Behavioural Gerontology Reference List

ceus free resources May 18, 2022

To celebrate PACT director Emma's birthday, we've decided to share another free resource with you! We've created a reference list of behavioural gerontology journal articles that you can download and peruse for free from our website. 

This reference list is packed with over 30 pages of scientific article references that use behaviour analysis to work with older adults. We hope this is a useful study aid for anyone who is new to behavioural gerontology, learning about it in their class or just wants a handy list to browse. 

Despite including over 170 individual references, we know that this reference list only touches the tip of the iceberg of what's out there in behavioural gerontology, but we hope it's a useful start to bust the myth that there's barely any research into ABA with older adults!

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