Enrolment open for innovative behavioural training course for dementia carers

services Apr 20, 2023

PACT is offering an innovative training course to develop carer’s understanding of dementia and give them practical strategies to prevent distressed behaviour by improving quality of life. The course is called ‘Supporting Adults with Dementia: A Behavioural Approach to Prevent Distressed Behaviour and Improve Quality of Life’ and is available for enrollment to the June 2023 cohort. 


Unlike other courses that teach knowledge only, this course develops carers’ hands-on skills as they implement what they have learned in the taught section with a client to up-skill them in proactively preventing problem behaviours through developing their client’s well-being in a range of areas. 


We focus on cultivating a person-centred and whole person approach to caring for the people they support using behavioural strategies. Learners are supported through additional interactive sessions where they can access advice and guidance from professional behaviour analysts. 


The course is designed to be beneficial for direct care staff working with people who have dementia in care homes, nursing homes, EMI settings and dementia wards. It is also suitable for team leaders, managers and dementia care practitioners. 


PACT is currently accepting a limited number of learners for enrollment in the June 2023 cohort for this course. Bulk discounts are available for bookings of over 15 and 30 learners. Contact us to discuss securing your staff members’ places.


More details about the course can be found here

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