Congratulations Dr Emma Williams!

meet our team Jan 20, 2023

We have some thrilling news to share- Emma, co-director at PACT, has completed her PhD and passed her viva and is now Dr Emma Williams! We are incredibly proud of the immense hard work that she has put into this PhD, especially with numerous setbacks (such as COVID!) during the process. 

Dr William’s PhD research is in a unique and exciting area of behaviour analysis- counterterrorism. Details about her research are unable to be shared publicly, but her findings have been disseminated internationally and will inform operational procedures around the world. You’ll be able to read more about one of her studies in a future issue of Journal of Applied Behaviour Analysis- we will share the link when it goes live. 

You may be thinking that this may be very different to working with older adults, is she still working with PACT? Well, don’t worry! Emma continued to work throughout her PhD supervising students in dementia care settings and working with clients through PACT, and she’s not going anywhere! We are glad we just get her full time with PACT now!  

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