Online CEU Courses and Free Resources

Here you can find our online training courses for BACB certificants and ABA students in behavioural gerontology. We also have a free resources to help you if you want to learn more about or move into work using ABA with older adults. 

Online CEU Courses In Behavioural Gerontology

We have more on-demand courses coming soon! If there is a particular topic you would like us to provide training on, please don't hesitate to contact us via the link at the bottom of the page. 

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Free  Behavioural Gerontology Resources 

FREE Workbook: "Six Steps to Moving into Behavioural Gerontology"

The question we most get asked by BCBAs and ABA students is "what should I do to move into behavioural gerontology?"

To answer this question, we've put together a workbook that guides you through some first steps we think will be really helpful if you are interested in working with older adults. Click the link above to download your complimentary copy of the workbook. 

FREE Behavioural Gerontology Reference List


This reference list is packed with over 30 pages of scientific article references that use behaviour analysis to work with older adults. We hope this is a useful study aid for anyone who is new to behavioural gerontology, learning about it in their class or just wants a handy list to browse. 

Despite including over 170 individual references, we know that this reference list only touches the tip of the iceberg of what's out there in behavioural gerontology, but we hope it's a useful start to bust the myth that there's barely any research into ABA with older adults!

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