NEW WORKSHOP: Managing Behavioural Expressions of Unmet Needs

services Jul 11, 2021

Here at PACT we are devoted to the provision of high quality care with older adults. Part of our passion is to share knowledge and work with care professionals, giving them the skills they need to care for their clients effectively. We are so excited to announce our first training workshop, ‘Managing Behavioural Expressions of Unmet Needs’ is available to book now. 


In this workshop, we teach carers how to pinpoint challenging behaviour, how to collect effective data, and importantly, how to interpret that data to create function based behaviour plans for their clients. From the workshop, carers will walk away with new skills and an individual action plan to start the ball rolling with their clients. In the workshop, we give carers practical, useful, and realistic techniques to help them identify behaviours, identify the unmet need and begin to meet that need for their client. 


Our interactive training workshop is designed to be held in person (although we can make accommodations during COVID restrictions), lasts approximately 3 hours, and comes with high quality workbooks to fill in and take away. The instructor will guide the session, with no powerpoint presentation in sight! The training is interactive and skills-based that leads to actual change for the carer and for the clients. This course meets the learning objectives for the "interpretation of behaviour" category within the Good work: Dementia learning and development framework for Wales. 


Our workshops can be booked by care settings, social services, individual carers and more. If you would benefit from understanding more about behaviours that show unmet needs in older adults with dementia, then please get in contact and we will be happy to help you on your journey.

For more information, please see our website here

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