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ceus free resources Oct 01, 2021

We know that there are few resources out there for students in behavioural gerontology and one of our values is to contribute to changing that fact and ensuring there are videos, podcasts and trainings for people who want to immerse themselves in the application of ABA to work with older adults. 

On this page, we have listed the resources we have created or been a part of that we feel might be useful to students (or anyone else interested) in behavioural gerontology. It might be a good idea to bookmark this page and check back regularly - we will continue to add to it as we create more and more resources. 



Dr Lucock is interviewed by Michelli Freitas from IEAC in Brazil (1hr 14m)

Dr Lucock is interviewed by Alexandra Herman from Disseminaba (1hr, 1.5 CEUs). See a snippet of the interview here 



Dr Lucock is interviewed on the Behave Yourself! podcast (41m)



Introduction to Behavioural Gerontology (2 CEUs)

 Understanding Dementia Course (3 CEUs)

Behavioural Interventions for Adults with Dementia (2.5 CEUs)


Other Resources

Six Steps to Moving into Behavioural Gerontology Free Workbook

Free Behavioural Gerontology Journal Article Reference List


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